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New York Probate and Administration of Estates

New York Surrogate's Court determines the distribution of assets of a deceased person.

The deceased is called the decedent. If the decedent died leaving a Will he or she is called a testator. The personal and real property of the decedent is called the estate. If the decedent left a Will, he died testate, and the Will is submitted to probate. If the decedent died without a Will, then the proceeding used to determine the distribution of his property is called administration. The Surrogate's Court judge is called the Surrogate.

Type of Estate Proceedings

New York probate and administration of estate cases may fall under one of three types of proceedings:

  1. Assets Less Than $30,000 – If the Decedent has personal property valued less than $30,000, then the estate is subject to a small estate proceeding called a voluntary administration.
  2. Probate – If the Decedent had a Will, then the Will is subject to a probate proceeding.
  3. Administration – If the Decedent died without a Will, his assets are subject to an administrative proceeding.

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What is probate?

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What happens if the Decedent's Will cannot be found?

What can you do if the Decedent's Will is in a safe deposit box?

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Who cannot serve as an Executor in New York?

What are the powers of an Executor of a New York Will?

Can a New York Executor face liability for estate losses incurred during the period after the Decedent's death and before the issuance of letters testamentary?



Who may file an objection to the probate of a Will?

What grounds do you need to object to a Will?

How does the court determine if a Will is valid?

What does testamentary capacity mean in a probate proceeding?

What does undue influence over the testator (Decedent) mean?

How do you prove that a Will was fraudulently executed?

What is an SCPA § 1404 hearing?

Who has the burden of proving compliance with the due execution requirement of EPTL § 3-2.1?



Can a New York attorney be named an Executor of a client's Will?



What is considered the Decedent's estate?

What can I do to force the Executor to distribute estate assets?

What can I do if my spouse disinherited me from his or her Will?



How much time does the Executor have to bring a wrongful death action in New York?



What is a New York Surrogate's court citation?



What is an Administrative proceeding in New York Surrogate's Court?

Who may file a petition to serve as administrator of an estate in New York?

What is the order of priority for granting letters of administration in New York?



Who must be served with process in a New York administration proceeding?

What happens if you cannot find a person entitled to process, or there where about is unknown?



How is the property of a person who dies without a Will distributed in New York?

What does “issue” mean under the New York State Estates, Powers and Trusts Law?



Can a non-marital child inherit from his father in New York?

How does a non-marital child inherit from his father in New York?

How are assets distributed if the Decedent is survived by a spouse and issue?

Must the administrator of an estate be bonded in New York?

How do you remove New York SCPA § 805(3) bond restrictions imposed upon you as a New York City estate administrator to permit the sale or transfer of real property of the estate?



What happens if a minor child inherits from the parent?

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