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What does undue influence over the testator (Decedent) mean?

Undue influence is said to occur when a beneficiary overcomes the free will of a testator and imposes her own will to procure a particular testamentary outcome. The influence exercised must amount to moral coercion, which caused the testator to act against his free will and desire for which he was too weak to resist. To prosecute an undue influence claim, an objection must prove by a preponderance of the evidence:

(i) A motive to influence the testator;

(ii) Opportunity to influence the testator; and

(iii) The actual exercise of undue influence.

See Matter of Greenwald, 47 AD3d 1036, 1037 (2008); Matter of Malone, 46 AD3d 975, 977 (2007).

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