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What are my Miranda Rights after being arrested in New York?

Pursuant to the United States Supreme Court case called Miranda v Arizona, 384 US 436 (1966), the Court held that, in order to “dispel the compulsion inherent in custodial” interrogation, certain warnings must be given “at the outset of the interrogation.”

Those warnings advise the suspect that he has the right to remain silent, that any statements he makes can be used against him in court, that he has the right to consult with counsel, and that if he cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for him prior to questioning.

Immediately upon being contacted by the police you should invoke your Miranda rights and remain silent. Once you invoke your right to counsel, the police must cease questioning you. Do not make the mistake that too many people make by continuing to talk to the police because you will be waiving your Miranda rights.  Do not talk to the police because you will only dig yourself into a hole. The police cannot offer you any deals for cooperating with their investigation. Only the district attorney can make a promise to you for cooperating. Do not tell your story to your cellmate. Do not talk to anyone unless your lawyer is present. The biggest mistakes are made immediately after an arrest.

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